A containerized solution is a "Plug & Play" solution.

Containerized solutions are structures based on the technology of manufacture of transport containers and know how in the industrialization of processes, combining container and contents and transforming the enclosure into the installation itself.

The advantage of having a complete and verified solution make them an alternative as compared to the costly and complex installations made in-plant. Equimodal has designed and manufactured multiple containerized solutions such as electrical rooms, centres for transformation centres, energy storage, energy generation, communication centres, industrial plants, field hospitals, homes, etc.


In the development of an optimal containerized solution, two key values enter into play:


The management of design is our distinguishing characteristic, as all our experience and know-how are put to the test every day in the development of the concept of design or “Design Concept”, working intensely to come up with a solution that allows compliance with all technical specifications, ensures ease of operation for the entire life span of the installation and represents a cost-effective solution. 

In technical specifications we study the external conditions of the equipment such as: seismic requirements, fire protection requirements, weather conditions, internal loads, requests during transport, final location… and we integrate into the design concept the equipment to be installed to facilitate its assembly, installation and maintenance. 


From the Design Concept the team of engineers and the manufacturing technicians work jointly to create the best manufacturable solution. The production of containerized solutions is only possible with the availability of:

  • The highly qualified team capable of executing each project.
  • The specific installations for the integral manufacture of large containers.

A containerized solution is a project developed ad hoc from the design concept to the subsequent industrialization; thus, the “standardization of the particulars” is critical to achieve:

The flexibility necessary for manufacture of models of different dimensions in each project, including dimensions that exceed 20m in length, 4 m in height in each project, including dimensions that exceed 20 m in length, 4 m in height and 4m in width.


Quality assurance throughout the process.

Shorter delivery times.

Through design and industrialization, we arrive at the “Plug&Play” Installation; thus, in addition to the foregoing competitive advantages, we have those of an installation ready to start operation. 

Integration and FAT tests are carried out following industrial management, avoiding the need for work permits in the country of destination, lack of available labour for assembly, delays in the arrival of materials, their deterioration, and inclement weather, resulting in reduction of costs.