EQUIMODAL, S.L. (hereinafter: EQUIMODAL), encourages a compliance culture amongst its partners, employees, customers, suppliers, collaborators, and other interested parties.

EQUIMODAL continues to make progress in rolling out its corporate-compliance programme by setting up a criminal-risk management and corporate-compliance system. That makes it essential to communicate to its partners, workers, collaborators, customers, suppliers, and other interested parties the objective to ensure a professional and commercial performance in accordance with the company’s values and commitments, compliance with rules and regulations, and risk prevention.

A compliance system in accordance with EQUIMODAL’s responsible ethics model

As part of setting up the criminal-risk management and corporate-compliance system, EQUIMODAL’s Board of Directors has approved, as a first-level internal compliance regulation, the Criminal-Risk Management System and the Code of Conduct, which set out the compliance principles that we wish to instil in the minds and actions of all our partners, workers, collaborators, customers, suppliers, and interest groups.

Compliance committee and whistle-blower’s channel

In order to equip the company with the mechanisms needed to ensure compliance with regulations, systems of self-regulation, commitments given, and the criminal-risk management and corporate-compliance system, EQUIMODAL’s Board of Directors has empowered and authorised a Compliance Committee made up of internal and external experts who are advisers on regulatory requirements and their suitability, in compliance-risk management and in designing controls, action plans, self-assessments, and checks, with the aim of ensuring effective compliance with business obligations.

Whistle-blower’s channel

We at EQUIMODAL have zero tolerance for non-compliance with regulations and ethical principles as well as for malpractices.

EQUIMODAL’s partners, workers, management teams, collaborators, customers, and any of its members concerned can use the whistle-blower’s channel to raise queries regarding compliance with the Code of Conduct and the Criminal-Risk Prevention Policy, as well as to confidentially report any suspicion or knowledge of facts or omissions that may constitute breaches of current legislation, or irregularities, or non-compliance with values, action guidelines, or rules of conduct set out in the Code of Conduct, and committed by a member of EQUIMODAL in the performance of her / his duties within the Company.