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Accessing, using, and browsing this website as well as using its services and taking part in its activities means that, from the outset, you are a user. If you continue to browse, you shall be deemed to accept, expressly, voluntarily, and without reservation, the Conditions of Use of this website. If you decide not to accept these conditions, you must not access and / or use the content and services that we offer on this website.

Accepting the Conditions of Use means that you, as user:

  • declare and warrant that you are over fourteen (14) years old, and, thus, that you have legal capacity to use functionalities that may require your personal data;
  • declare that you have read, understood, and accepted in full the content of these Conditions of use and the Privacy Policy relating to data-processing of which you were notified prior to sending us your personal information;
  • declare that all the information that you provide by using our services is true and accurate, and free of limitations, reservations, or falsehoods.

It is free to use and access this website, without prejudice to the cost of connection and data through the corresponding telecommunications network that provides user access.

Intellectual and industrial property

Who owns the content of this website?

This website and the information or items contained in it (including, but not limited to, its programming, publication, compilation, and other items needed for its functioning, as well as, inter alia, all designs, text, graphics, icons, buttons, documents, information, sound and / or image archives, designs, and source code), logos, brands, commercial names or other distinguishing signs, industrial signs, or any other signs that can be used for industrial and commercial purposes (hereinafter: the “website Content”), are protected by intellectual- and industrial-property rights of which EQUIMODAL is the holder, or for which it holds a licence or express authorisation for use and public communication thereof from the third parties who are the lawful holders of those rights, for including them on this website.

What are the limits and authorisations on using the content of this website?

As a user, you undertake to make proper use of the content that is accessible through this website, subject to the Law and these Conditions of Use. For that reason, you expressly agree to discharge EQUIMODAL from any liability towards any person that may be derived from your use of the website Content in a manner that is not in accordance with these Conditions of Use or with applicable current legislation.

Under no circumstances shall it be understood that using this website grants the user any authorisation or licence, or that any waiver or any total or partial transmission or assignment of intellectual-property, industrial-property, or image rights is made, or that any right or expectation of a right is conferred, without the prior, explicit, written consent of EQUIMODAL or of the lawful holders of those rights.

Specifically, as a user, you are not authorised to modify, alter, copy, reuse, reinterpret, exploit, reproduce, communicate publicly, make second or subsequent publications, load files, send by post, transmit, use, process, or distribute, in any manner, all or part of the content, or carry out any act for commercial purposes on the content of this website, without the prior express authorisation of EQUIMODAL or of the corresponding rightsholders.

Any use that does not have EQUIMODAL’S prior consent shall be deemed a serious breach of intellectual- or industrial-property rights, and may lead to legal proceedings.

If the user fails to comply in full or in part with these Conditions of Use, EQUIMODAL reserves the right to refuse her / him access to this website without any need for prior notice.

EQUIMODAL authorises you to view, download, and print the website content subject to the following conditions:

  • you must do so only for your personal use, and the website content must not be included for commercial use without EQUIMODAL’s prior written authorisation;
  • you must not use this website to send advertising that is unsolicited or for which there is no express consent;
  • you must not use this website content for activities that are unlawful, illegal, or contrary to good faith and public order;
  • you must not delete or modify any reference or notification relating to ownership of copyright, brands, or any other provision concerning intellectual property included in the website content;
  • you must not introduce or disseminate in the network malicious programs (viruses or malware) that are likely to cause damage to the computer systems of the access provider, its providers, or third-party internet users.


What liabilities does EQUIMODAL accept as owner of this website?

EQUIMODAL shall be liable to the user only and solely in respect of the services that it provides by itself through this website, and of the content that originates directly from and is identified by EQUIMODAL using its distinctive signs.

What liability does EQUIMODAL exclude?

EQUIMODAL does not guarantee the continuous functioning or the correct viewing, downloading, or usefulness of the information contained in the pages of this website, which may be impeded, hindered, or interrupted by factors or circumstances that may lie outside our control or that are not in accordance with our intent.

Specifically, EQUIMODAL does not accept liability for damage, loss, claims, or expenses caused by:

  • interference, interruptions, failures, omissions, delays, blockages, or disconnections caused by errors in telecommunications lines or networks or by any other reason outside the control of EQUIMODAL’s owner;
  • unlawful intrusion through the use of malicious programs of any type and by any means of communication, such as computer viruses or any others;
  • undue or inappropriate use of this website;
  • the user fails to comply with expectations in relation to this website and / or its content;
  • users receiving, obtaining, storing, or disseminating the content, as well as using it unlawfully, negligently, fraudulently, contrary to these conditions, good faith, generally, accepted usage, or public order;
  • the occurrence of causes due to force majeure;
  • the user’s devices are not configured properly to enable correct use of the online services provided by EQUIMODAL;
  • safety or browsing errors caused by the user misusing the browser or by using non-updated versions;
  • the e-mail address provided by the user through the contact message being non-operational or experiencing problems;
  • the use that users may make of the content;
  • the possible use of users’ data for reasons not attributable to the information service provided by EQUIMODAL.

However, EQUIMODAL makes itself available to all users, authorities, and security forces to collaborate actively in removing, or, where appropriate, blocking all content that may affect or breach national or international legislation, the rights of third parties, public morals, or public order.

If it is considered that this website contains any content that may be likely to come under that description, we request that we be notified thereof immediately by any of the means indicated at the beginning of this legal notice.

Policy on links

This website may contain links to other websites, or it may quote the commercial name of third parties that have given prior authorisation to EQUIMODAL, such as links to various social networks in which users can follow EQUIMODAL to be up to date with EQUIMODAL’s latest events, novelties, or news.

If you decide to visit any linked website, you acknowledge and accept that you do so at your own risk, and that it is your sole responsibility to take all necessary measures to protect yourself against viruses and other destructive elements that may be derived from them. In addition, you are aware that the conditions of use established by the linked website in question shall apply to you, even though it may have been accessed by a one-off link through this website.

The user agrees to discharge EQUIMODAL from any liability for possible breaches of the intellectual- or industrial-property rights of the owners of the linked websites, any liability for the technical availability thereof, as well as the quality, reliability, accuracy, and / or truthfulness of the services, information, items, and / or content to which you may have access as a user.

The establishment of any link by EQUIMODAL to an external linked website does not imply the existence of any type of relationship, collaboration, or dependence between EQUIMODAL and the webmaster of the external linked website. EQUIMODAL does not guarantee, represent, sponsor, or endorse any linked website owned by third parties and linked to or quoted through this website.

EQUIMODAL shall only bear liability for content supplied by linked websites to the extent that it has effective knowledge of the unlawfulness thereof and that it has not deactivated the link with due diligence.

If the user considers that there is a linked website with unlawful or unsuitable content, we must be informed of the matter by any of the means indicated at the beginning of this legal notice. Under no circumstances shall that notification carry with it an obligation to remove the corresponding link.

Privacy, Protecting Personal Data, and Cookies

EQUIMODAL, in its capacity as data controller of personal data processed through this website, guarantees full compliance with current national and European legislation in matters of Protecting Personal Data.

We process personal data when it is necessary to provide our services a well as for our operational and business purposes.

EQUIMODAL informs the user that, through this website, personal data is processed in order to answer queries sent through our contact form, which may involve sending electronic communications to answer your information requests. We may also process your data with the aim of dealing with the exercise of any of your rights.

If you wish to obtain information on the processing of personal data that EQUIMODAL carries out on this website, you can see our Privacy Policy.

EQUIMODAL establishes and uses cookies and other technologies to carry out specific functions that are considered essential for the proper functioning and viewing of this website’s content, to store and administer users’ preferences (e.g. relating to the website’s language), to authorise content, to limit users’ requests, to ensure the proper functioning of the website, and to collect analytical data on user traffic (e.g. to know the number of visits to this website).

In our Policy on Cookies, you will find more information on the cookies that we use as well as how you can configure them.

Reservation of the right to modify the Conditions of Use

EQUIMODAL can modify these Conditions at any time in line with the development of this website and the content offered on it, and reserves the right to modify, add, or delete, at any time and unilaterally, any of these Conditions of Use, if it considers such a step to be necessary for legal or technical reasons or because of changes in the nature and provision of the website, there being no obligation to notify the user or make her / him aware of those modifications, it being deemed sufficient for the changes to be applicable by being published on the website itself.

Any modification shall take effect for users who may make use of this website after that modification. Continuing to use this website after publication of any change shall be considered acceptance thereof, and the user can be held liable for direct non-compliance with them.

At the end of these Conditions of Use, the date of their latest update shall always be published, so the changes made shall be effective from that date.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

EQUIMODAL has its registered office in Spain, so these Conditions of Use have been drafted in accordance with Spanish legislation and with applicable European Union regulations. Disputes, claims, or complaints deriving from or relating to the use of this website shall be subject to the aforesaid legislation, without prejudice to the principles that govern the conflict of laws applicable to each case.

The user accepts that claims or complaints against EQUIMODAL that may arise from or relate to the functioning or use of this website shall be resolved by the court of competent jurisdiction located in Zaragoza.

If EQUIMODAL should be required to make any type of claim, it shall do so before the competent court of the user’s domicile, or in Zaragoza if the case involves legal persons or non-consumer professionals.

If you access this website from a location outside Spain, you shall be liable for complying with all applicable local and international laws.

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