Equimodal designs, manufactures, homologates and integrates containers, swap bodies and containerized solutions for any logistic, industrial, energy and defence application. We are specialized in ETO (Engineering to Order) solutions integrated transversally in our customers' engineering departments. This operation allows us to jointly tackle highly complex projects in extraordinarily short terms.


EQUIMODAL develops containerized solutions to respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations, improving deployment capabilities. We offer innovative solutions to provide medical assistance and support in emergencies and disasters.

Flexibility is one of our greatest assets, our experience allows us to generate complex technical solutions in a minimum timeframe, being able to integrate installations and systems in mobile platforms such as containers, swap bodies and bodies of various types and sizes.

We manufacture robust and reliable equipment, endowed with high mobility and adapted to be deployed in unprepared areas using minimal means. We have developed a wide range of solutions that meet the requirements of the end user in the most adverse conditions, therefore the equipment and its functionalities are adapted to the particular needs of each operating scenario.

For EQUIMODAL a project does not end with the delivery and start-up of the provision, our philosophy is to accompany our customer throughout its project’s operational life. We are aware of the difficulties encountered by the personnel deployed in emergency situations and, therefore, Equimodal supports them by providing help and technical support.

Likewise, EQUIMODAL is supported by the experiences of our customers, incorporating improvements in its designs that could only result from a continuous and demanding use of our equipment in the most adverse conditions.

Innovation is the result of the design and manufacturing capacity of the team made up by EQUIMODAL and the experience acquired in real emergency situations.


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