Each container or containerized solution is made to measure and exclusive, based on the functional characteristics defined by the customer at the time of request for proposal (RFP).

Employing an Engineering to Order system gives us the flexibility to deliver both a containerized solution of 28 tons of weight and 22m in length that will be transported by ship to Indonesia, as well as special 20' containers used in the extraction of soil during the construction of new metro lines used in intermodal transport.

We have designed and manufactured more than 22,000 containers and we have over 500 homologated models on our certified test bench.

All our orders follow rigorous management by standardized processes from the beginning with the analysis of requirements, to the follow-up after delivery to the customer.


Our ability to adapt and generate innovative solutions in an apparently traditional market makes Equimodal not only a reference manufacturer but also an Engineering department for the development of international projects.

More than 25 years of experience with over 500 models developed and a group of experts in continuous training make the best solution possible. Thanks to the talent and experience of our engineering team, Equimodal adapts and generates innovative solutions at each stage of the process


The entire process is developed in-house, which allows us to manufacture indistinctly from prototype containers or individual units to lot size, from simple load units to integrated solutions with electrical and sanitary installations, active fire protection, security installations and EMI protection.


Equimodal has a vertically integrated manufacturing process, starting with the manufacturing of steel parts which gives us absolute flexibility. It is a small but complete section with cutting lines, guillotines, bending machines, high-definition plasma and others, which give us unmatched agility in the development of prototypes in record time. Additionally, we have two strategic advantages, we introduce design modifications on the spot and the manufacturing know-how allows us to optimize the parts.


Our welding section has all its procedures qualified by international standards (EN-ISO 15614), as well as all welders (EN-ISO 9606) and welding operators (EN-ISO 14732). We are certified under the EN-ISO 3834-2 standard (complete quality requirements) for process control, as a guarantee of professionalism and “know-how” of all welding equipment.

Our production lines are designed indistinctly for the manufacturing of prototypes, short series or long series, and are the result of years of improvement and optimization of the process.


The painting section has facilities to carry out the complete process of protection against corrosion, from cleaning the steel according to ISO 8501 in the blasting booth, going on to the application of, first of all, the layers of cathodic and/or barrier protection in the primer booth, until the process is completed with the application of the final coat in the paint booth.

This way Equimodal is prepared to apply the most suitable anti-corrosion system that the customer needs, in accordance with ISO 12944, including highly durable schemes for maritime and industrial environments with high C5H corrosion.

In addition, by being certified under the ISO 14001 standard, the process is carried out in compliance with current environmental regulations for the storage of chemical products, VOC emissions, waste management, etc.


In this section, multiple processes are carried out so that the customer receives a product adapted to their needs: installation of container locks, insulation, pedestrian doors, accessories, tarpaulins, and a wide variety of accessories specifically adapted to the requirements of our customers.


In recent years, Equimodal has trained and developed its own independent team to carry out turnkey projects. Containers are integrated with all types of installations: electrical, hydraulic, communications, security... thus offering our customers a robust and complete product from design to installation. All this follows the philosophy of an industrialized line manufacturing process and with exhaustive quality control.