Equimodal designs, manufactures, homologates and integrates containers, swap bodies and containerized solutions for any logistic, industrial, energy and defence application. We are specialized in ETO (Engineering to Order) solutions integrated transversally in our customers' engineering departments. This operation allows us to jointly tackle highly complex projects in extraordinarily short terms.


Containerized structures are used in the transport and operation of industrial equipment and facilities. These structures allow a facility to be built and tested at the manufacturing plant and later moved to its final location, significantly reducing costs and risks.

The manufacturing of containerized plants and structures following an industrial process eliminates installation costs and field assemblies, increases the safety and quality of the final product, and ensures the project’s execution plan.

At the Equimodal facilities, we have manufactured containerized solutions of special dimensions: 22 m long, 4.2 m wide and 4 m high and 30 tons.

Our flexibility also allows us to supply both large containerized structures and turnkey products, including full integration of equipment and facilities. Furthermore, compliance with the regulations applicable to the various industrial environments in which we work can only be ensured by guiding the project correctly from the design phase.

Customization makes us leaders in solutions for different markets: asphalt and cement plants, data centres, electrical rooms, control rooms, substations, etc.


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Industrial Plants

Electrical Rooms

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