This week, we are again performing tests in our test bench, and after so many years, I am still impressed to see a container loaded during the performance of the tests.

Equimodal has been accredited by ENAC for performing tests on containers according to  the standards ISO-1496, CSC, CEN and UIC to obtain the corresponding homologations since 2006. During this time the experience and feedback acquired by our engineering team in the performance of tests and their knowledge of impact on behaviour in transport and handling of the container has made us leaders of the market, because we provide our client with designs that are not only functional and effective, but also safe and reliable.

The tests are performed on  swap bodies and containers, not only of transport, but also on the containerized solutions. Containerized solutions are those containers that have been designed for a specific solution where the contents and the container are fused into a single concept, such as:  transformation centres, electrical rooms, field hospitals, industrial plants, etc….

Although no one considers  the obligatory nature of performing tests on a transport container for its admission to maritime or rail traffic, the same is not the case with containerized solutions. It must be remembered that containerized solutions must be tested in a laboratory homologated according to standard ISO 17025.

The testing of all the containerized solutions that we manufacture in our laboratory is the guarantee of responsibility, safety and differentiating know-how  that we offer to our clients, to whom we are grateful for their confidence Equimodal engineering.


Executive Director