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Equimodal Projects

Equimodal designs, develops, manufactures, tests and approves containers, swap bodies and containerised solutions for any logistics, industrial, energy or defence application. We specialise in ETO (Engineering to Order) solutions integrated across all the engineering departments of our clients. This operation enables us to tackle extremely complex projects together, in extraordinarily short periods.

Our capacity to adapt and to generate innovative solutions in an apparently traditional market means that Equimodal is not only a leading manufacturer of these solutions but also an Engineering department to develop projects that can be produced worldwide. The entire process takes place in house, which means that all types can be produced, from prototype containers or individual units to large series, from single cargo units to integrated solutions with electrical and sanitary installations, active fire protection, security installations and EMI protection.
Containers have a long life cycle and no regular supervision and, therefore, their design and manufacturing must involve high quality standards to ensure they remain in optimum condition during their working life.

This design and manufacturing principle, which is applicable to any intermodal unit, is critical in integrated containerised solutions because the container depends of the performance of much more complex built-in equipment.

Design control, process control, quality control and the guarantee of the certificate, which were formerly valuable characteristics, are nowadays discriminatory.

Equimodal offers 360º traceability for all the products it manufactures, 100% approved welders, quality control throughout the stages of the process and verification documentation, leakage quality control with statistical profile verification, quality control on the different coats of paint when wet and when dry, and final product verification.


Container-housed industrial plants

Electric power plant control rooms

Air traffic control rooms.

Power generator sets

Boiler rooms.


Wind power and photovoltaic solutions.

Transformation centres.

Battery rooms.




Armouries and transport of ammunition.

Stoves, dishwashers, fridges.

Showers, toilets, laundries, water purification plants, water tanks.

X-ray rooms, morgues, workshops.

Mobile warehouses, control posts.


Containers and swap bodies for general cargo

Side Opening

Open Top

Logistics solutions and special projects


Containerised solutions!

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