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About Us

Equimodal is a company that deals in the development and manufacturing of containers, swap bodies and containerised solutions.

Founded in 1992 and headed since then by Pedro Domínguez, Equimodal started out as a manufacturer of transport containers, offering customised designs and small series, primarily for intermodal traffic. The difference in width of the European pallet compared to the ISO pallet established a market that, due to its size, was not particularly interesting for major manufacturers until the early 21st century.
Six months into 2003, a specific Engineering department was created to offer permanent support for specific and customised projects for each client in two sectors: transport and special containers.
In 2004, a new Operations department was created in order to switch from a 90:10 mass/special container ratio to 15:85 in 2009.

In 2006, equimodal obtained the iso 17025 certificate as an enac-accredited laboratory..

This gave it recognition as one of the 5 accredited laboratories in Europe and the only one in Spain.
In 2009, as a progression in its knowledge of special containers, it began designing and marketing integrated solutions, also including an approved unit to meet client requirements, electrical and sanitary installations, active fire protection, security installations, EMI protection, etc.
Since 2010, Equimodal has certified over 100 different container models, meeting the most demanding quality standards. In its continued commitment to offer a quality product, Equimodal has obtained the ISO 14001, ISO 3834 and OHSAS 18001 certificates and is the only container manufacturer in Europe with this level of Quality. Over 20 years and more than 20,000 units produced.



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